Biokinetics is a profession concerned with health promotion, the maintenance of physical abilities and final phase rehabilitation, by prescribing a scientifically-based physical activity programme that is specific to each individual.

Bio + Kinetics = Life + Movement = Life through Movement

A Biokineticist can provide treatment to people from all walks of life. Athletes, the elderly, children, those with certain chronic conditions such as Diabetes and heart disease can all benefit from the assistance and guidance of a Biokineticist.

Biokinetics helps you with the following:

Health Promotion

Biokinetics helps to prevent chronic conditions and injuries. Exercises are used as movement therapy based on how your body reacts to exercise. The exercises our biokineticists suggest help with overall health and physical problems.

Maintenance of Physical Abilities

Biokineticists have the knowledge of how your muscles, bones, joints and ligaments function. They understand the part that they play in allowing you to move well during everyday activities as well as during sport.


Doing the right exercises in the correct way is the right way to solve biomechanical problems after trauma or surgery. Biokineticists know how to do this correctly to ensure that you get back to full health again.

Physical Activity Programme

A biokineticist has the sound medical knowledge to guide you through initiating an exercise programme that will improve physical wellbeing, boost fitness, improve circulation and improve your quality of life.

Preventative & Curative Medicine

Biokineticists assist with pain in a joint or muscle, nerve pain, poor posture, lower back pain, scoliosis, poor sporting performance, frequently injured, headaches and or neurological conditions to name a few.

Deon Kapp


Deon completed his undergraduate degree in Human movement science at the NWU PUK in 2013. Thereafter, he relocated to Port Elizabeth where he studied Biokinetics at NMU in 2014.

Deon is passionate about helping others and specializes in rehabilitating sport related injuries and strengthening after orthopaedic surgery.

His aim is to improve his clients’ daily functionalities and educate them on the importance of regular physical activities. He believes that through regular exercise and following a balanced diet, the risk of obtaining chronic- and/or orthopaedic diseases could be minimized.

Mizaan Kapp


Mizaan Kapp completed her degree in Bsc Human movement science and physiology at NWU PUK in 2013. She then relocated to Port Elizabeth to complete her Honours degree in Biokinetics at NMU in 2015.

Mizaan loves being fit and healthy and believes that regular exercise and a well-balanced diet should be part of everyone’s lifestyle.

She has a passion for working with pre and postnatal women and helping them understand the importance of a well-balanced lifestyle before, during and after pregnancy.

Mizaan also has a special interest in weight loss, improving lower back pain by strengthening core stabilizing muscles, pre and post-surgery rehabilitation to return to daily activities with more comfort and much ease.

Ayden Labuschagne


Ayden completed his BHSc Biokinetics Honors degree at Nelson Mandela University in 2021.

Ayden is a young determined individual who believes in helping other individuals reach their maximum potential in leading a fit and healthy life style, as well as specializing in sport specific training and rehabilitation post injury. He is also very keen on educating individuals on the importance of correct technique and knowing the benefits of exercise.

He has a strong passion for working with clients who have had orthopedic surgery, as he himself knows the importance of rehabilitation after having had some sports injuries himself. He believes in getting his clients to an even better fitness level post-surgery.


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