Dietary DNA testing can provide us with genetic insights into how our bodies digest, absorb, metabolise and excrete food and nutrients differently to other people. This information can be used to improve our heart health, gut health, and the success of weight loss attempts. A blood sample of your DNA is taken via a simple finger prick. Your DNA results can be used to formulate an indivualized supplement plan.

Ever wondered if you’re likely to develop high blood pressure or cholesterol? Why you crave sweets? Get jittery after drinking caffeine? Lose weight on a specific diet? Or burn more fat with strength training or cardio?

The future is here with personalised nutritional recommendations.

Use Nutrigenomic DNA testing to determine the interplay between your genes, nutrition and health. If you struggle to lose weight, are constantly tired, struggle with digestive issues or have chronic inflammation; DNA testing can help determine your predisposed diseases, your optimum exercise plan, your optimum dietary pattern (low carb or low fat or Mediterranean diet) and your optimum supplement plan. Priority areas include: detoxification, inflammation, lipid metabolism, food intolerances and vitamin deficiencies.

Available DNA tests: Health, Diet, Oestrogen, Skin, Sport, Active, Mind, Resilience, Pain, Smile, Grow Baby.

Our DNA Dietitian, Alycia Boag's package includes the DNA Diet and DNA Health tests, a 45 minute results discussion and a 30 minute follow up after 8 weeks. Download a sample report of the DNA Diet and DNA Health tests here.

Alycia Boag

DNA Dietitian

Growing up with a very strict and health conscious mom Alycia became aware of which foods were considered healthy and which ones she was only allowed to eat in moderation. This lifestyle sparked her interest in nutrition and following her mom's cancer journey and untimely demise, it was only fitting that she studied Dietetics.

"I grew up and studied in the Jacaranda city of Pretoria before moving down to the Eastern Cape to complete my community service year. It was at the end of that year that I met my husband and now six years later we are married with 2 beautiful boys.

I’ve always had a keen interest in research and so I studied further and completed my master’s degree at Nelson Mandela University. I have a great passion for evidence-based nutrition and finding a solution for every person’s lifestyle. I won’t tell you to do something at home if I won’t do it myself! I believe that healthy eating is a lifestyle and a sustainable approach is the key to a great quality of life. In order to meet your goals, you need to be consistent with your lifestyle changes but still include everything in moderation…

I have fond memories of baking with my mom and this translates to both the science and art of nutrition. “You are what you eat” relates to the genetic influence and how nutrition plays a role in gene expression. With my mom’s cancer diagnosis, I would always ask the question of why? Therefore, I have a special interest in Nutrigenomics and DNA testing.

As a Dietitian I can interpret your results and give you personalised dietary advice tailored to suit your lifestyle and goals. Personalised nutrition begins now!"

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