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Physiotherapists are medical professionals who specialise in treating injuries and conditions that impact physical movement. They treatment injury, disease, and disorders through physical methods such as exercise, massage, manipulation, and other treatments to prevent the need for medication and / or surgery..

Physiotherapy at Bay Life Centre

Diagnosis and Treatment

Physiotherapists are first-line practitioners that are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of pathology, injury, or deformity by hands-on physical methods, dry needling, electrotherapeutic modalities, and exercise, rather than by drugs or surgery.

Maximise Physical Potential

The Aim is to maximize physical potential and restore physiological and social wellbeing. The patient is empowered through the process of healing, taught how to care for themselves encouraging independence and responsibility.

Injury management at every stage of recovery which includes: Pain of injured site, Range of movement of joint(s) involved, Strength of surrounding tissue, Load/Force through the site of injury, Endurance of nerve, muscle, tendon, Return to the previous functional level, Managing patient expectations, and Secondary complications.

Injury Management

Michele Mandis


Michele graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2010 with her BSc degree in Dietetics.

Her heart lies in children with sub-optimal growth or failure to thrive, whether related to poor nutritional intake or secondary to illness. She has worked many years with these children and finds much fulfillment in this field of work. Michele also has special interest in pediatric oncology, type 1 Diabetes, food allergies, picky eaters and children with special needs, like cerebral Palsy.

Robyn Potgieter


Robyn graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2009 with her BSc degree in Dietetics. She then went on to work in a Paediatric hospital in Port Elizabeth for 5 years where she discovered her passion for infant feeding (breast or bottle) and the importance of providing the correct nutrition to ill infants and young children.

Robyn’s second passion lies in allergies and she strongly advocates that with the correct nutrition, the risk of developing allergies can be decreased. She also helps adults lose and/or maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, whether it be during or post pregnancy, or just an individual wanting to shed a few kilos.

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