Pilates is a form of exercise that was created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the early 19’s and focuses on strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles to help correct muscular imbalances and improving posture. This form of exercise has other benefits such as improving coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, increasing breathing capacity and improving body awareness.

A session mostly consists of floor-based exercises and is not strenuous on joints therefore, Pilates can be enjoyed by everyone and not just fit or strong individuals.

Pilates helps you with the following:

Core Strength

The body’s core muscles are muscles of the lower trunk area including lower back, abdomen and hips. These muscles work together to provide support and mobility. These muscles enable and control the majority of all bodily movement. They are used to move your body and keep it stationary in the correct posture, thus improving your movement as well as your stability.

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills and co-ordination enable the body to perform everyday functions such as standing, walking, running and sitting upright.

Fine motor skills are essential for performing everyday activities such as self-care tasks, general performance tasks, including cutting and writing.

Midline Crossing

The ability to reach across the middle of the body with arms and legs, activates right and left brain bilateralism.

Hand-eye Coordination

The ability to use their hands to execute the planned task.

Cardio Fitness & Muscle Tone

Most people should be naturally active, however with the rising trend of technology and lifestyle changes, cardio fitness freedom is unfortunately hard to find today. Pilates challenges all, the beginner to the established sports person, to break through fitness barriers and develop themselves in strength.

Muscle tone has a direct relation to all round performance. It is the overall strength of your body’s muscles to perform daily tasks, maintain posture and is a prerequisite to focus effectively.

Deon Kapp

Pilates Instructor

Deon completed his undergraduate degree in Human movement science at the NWU PUK in 2013. Thereafter, he relocated to Port Elizabeth where he studied Biokinetics at NMU in 2014.

Deon is passionate about helping others and specializes in rehabilitating sport related injuries and strengthening after orthopaedic surgery.

His aim is to improve his clients’ daily functionalities and educate them on the importance of regular physical activities. He believes that through regular exercise and following a balanced diet, the risk of obtaining chronic- and/or orthopaedic diseases could be minimized.

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